Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty broke up before his suicide? Rumy Jafry Clears All Rumours

Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty were seeing someone a significant long time. There are even reports doing the rounds of web-based social networking that they were going to get hitched in November. In any case, his abrupt self destruction has advanced inquiries regarding their relationship. Individuals have been addressing whether the two had separated days before the day SSR ended it all. Chief Rumy Jafry at long last clears the show about the equivalent.

While Sushant and Rhea had uncovered nothing about the separation, individuals have been making hypotheses about the equivalent online since the day he died. At the point when executive Rumi Jafry addressed ETimes as of late, he uncovered that both of them were to star together in romcom for him soon. They were in any event, going to start shooting after the lockdown limitations were cut down.

He said that the three of them had gotten on a call together in the first week of June in order to discuss the project. But wouldn’t it be awkward to shoot together if they had broken up? “He never told me about it, and Rhea, too, did not say anything of the sort. The last time I discussed this project with him was in the first week of June. They were together on the call. In fact, it was Rhea who got him on the call. Then, on June 12, I had messaged him, and he was very excited about the project,” Rumy told ETimes.

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All things considered, Rhea hasn't yet made some noise after the updates on Sushant's self destruction approached. We will hang tight for an announcement from her conclusion to explain every one of these bits of gossip skimming via web-based networking media.